Vision Platform

Vision is SpaceVee’s cloud platform that uses image post-processing to enables vision through visual barriers in pre-captured images (still and motion). Much greater detail and subsurface features are revealed as a result. Visibility through haze, fog, smoke, dust and more in preexisting photos is possible. This ability is regardless of whether the image was just taken or it was taken many years ago.

Images captured by satellites, drones and UAVs including with geo-location data can be rapidly processed by uploading to Vision.

SpaceVee’s Vision platform used to provide enhanced satellite imagery on Soar.Earth’s mapping platform.

If you have a Vision account, simply login and upload your images. If not, contact us to request a demonstration and a trial account for Vision.

Files types Tiff, GeoTiff, Jpg, PNG and BMP can be processed. Recommended maximum file size is 2 MB,