Space Visualization Technologies Ltd., better known as SpaceVee is a Newspace startup company based in London, England, United Kingdom. It was established as a Space technology startup in 2016 built on R&D work conducted since 2007 by its founder, a former Siemens director.

A major driver for founding SpaceVee is to create and make available advanced visibility beyond visual barriers. SpaceVee provides solutions to counter visibility issues for the automotive, drone, satellite and space exploration industries. Our products help improve the quality of lives on Earth and in Space now and in the future.

Unlike LiDAR and SWIR technologies, our technology delivers vision in full colour and in 3D. This is crucial as our world is in full colour, not just black and white. Road signs and markings in colour can be seen and safely obeyed. Autonomous vehicles do not have to be white or light colours due to LiDAR limitations. Our technology can also augment LiDAR systems.

Now that you know a little about the amazing new capabilities to help improve visualization through visual barriers, contact us today to learn more. We’d love to hear from you!

‘When you see differently, you think differently, then you discover’ Tayo Akiwumi – SpaceVee Founder & CEO.

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