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Since the 1970s satellite and aerial imagery in general has been more easily accessible widely to corporations and the general public. This translates to millions of archived imagery. Since the same initial period, Space exploration agencies have also been collecting images taken of Space beyond Earth in vast numbers and of increasingly exquisite quality. More recently, rapidly growing numbers of high quality aerial images from drones and UAVs are being added to this collection. Both still and videos images are available.

Big data technology is being applied to extract and derive actionable information by imagery supply companies. However, most of the original imagery is of surfaces.

Our ERV technology and service provide enhanced and subsurface images based on  live or historical imagery. This provides potential for far more actionable information to be acquired.

The enhanced view provides increased visual detail used for analysis, monitoring and exploration leading to optimal decision making accuracy. A crucial factor whether for Space exploration missions or Earth focused exploration.

Space Visualization Technologies Ltd., better known as SpaceVee is an imaging technology and services company based in London, England, United Kingdom. It was established as a Space technology startup in 2016 built on R&D work conducted since 2007 by its founder, a former Siemens director.

The goal of founding SpaceVee is to create technologies which reduces the cost and complexity of enhanced remote visualization (ERV) in Space and Earth Exploration.

SpaceVee has developed the ERV imaging technology as the foundation for achieving this goal.

It provides improved visibility through visual barriers such as  murky water, wispy clouds, haze, mist, fog, dust, smoke, snow and more.

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