SpaceVee provides technologies to improve visibility for human drivers and autonomous vehicles.

For maximum safety, a manual or autonomous vehicle must have the best possible vision system. Clear visibility in all weather conditions and other visibility challenging condition is vital. Fog, rain, mist, haze, snow, ice, dust, smoke, darkness, low-ambient light, on-coming dazzling headlights can all combine to impair or compromise safety.

Road signs and markings can be covered and therefore partly or totally invisible or incomprehensible. Oncoming vehicles, pedestrians, wildlife or objects may not be seen and classified in time to avoid a collision. A patch of ice may not be recognized in time. Peripheral visibility may be impaired making collision avoidance with sidewalk objects and pedestrians unavoidable.

Other important reasons include optimized efficiency during operation and extended time of operation. This includes being able to operate beyond normal daylight hours for some self-driving vehicles.

SpaceVee’s Driver Super Vision provides a solution to these challenges. Our devices or technology can be incorporated in the overall vehicle system.