Enhanced Vision

SpaceVee provides leading edge vision technology that enable a normal CMOS and CCD camera to provide enhanced vision in poor visibility conditions such as low-light, bad weather and dazzling oncoming headlights. Our technology delivers cost-effective, safe, reliable vision systems for Autonomous Vehicles, ADAS as well as drones and UAVs.

Unlike LiDAR and SWIR technologies, our technology delivers vision in full colour and in 3D. This is crucial as our world is in full colour, not just black and white. Road signs and markings in colour can be seen and safely obeyed. Autonomous vehicles do not have to be white or light colours due to LiDAR limitations. Our technology can also augment LiDAR systems.

We also make it much easier for autonomous vehicles and ADAS to emulate the way the human eye sees. So existing and future AI algorithms can provide us with better autonomous vehicles that operate better in the human world.

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