SpaceVee designs and produces advanced visualization technologies, devices and services. The company was founded in 2016 with the objective of revolutionizing vision in visibility challenging conditions faced by humans and our intelligent machines. We deliver this capability through two leading-edge solutions, ERV and Vision.

Original video credit: NASA/JPL (insert). Subsurface video of Mars by SpaceVee using ERV technology.

ERV (Enhanced Remote Visualization) is our embeddable technology that improves the vision of satellites, drones and UAV. It enables improved vision through dust, smoke, haze, fog, rain, thin clouds and more. It operates in normal ambient visible light thus ideal for covert or stealth operation requirements. Our ERV camera is based on our ERV technology.

Vision is SpaceVee’s cloud platform that uses image post-processing to enable vision through visual barriers in preexisting images (still and motion). Vision operates with photos of any age regardless of whether just taken or decades ago. Much greater detail and subsurface features are revealed as a result. Images captured by satellites, drones and UAVs can be rapidly processed by uploading to Vision.

SpaceVee’s Vision platform used to provide enhanced satellite imagery on Soar.Earth’s mapping platform.

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