Vision Post Processing

VPP (Vision Post Processing) is a cloud-based server. Using only uploaded mages, it delivers historical subsurface view and vision in poor visibility conditions of the objects in the images. This includes haze, thin cloud cover, fog, smoke, dust, rain, snowfall, surface snow cover, dazzling headlights and low light.

VPP requires only uploading of images captured by remote IP cameras or cameras in AR goggles, for public safety, for security, on satellites, drones, UAVs, other aircraft, road vehicles and underwater ROVs. VPP also works with images captured by local webcams and USB-connected cameras.

VPP operates with images taken instantly or any time in the past. The images can be taken with ambient light and does not require generation of addition radiation nor requires infrared heat generation of the target object.

Remote Spectroscopy

VPP includes the VSA (Vision Spectral Analysis) tool which enables remote spectroscopy to be conducted on images.