Understanding, monitoring, measuring and managing how plants utilize and generally interact with light is critical in crop farming. A fact well known since millennia, yet few practical digital tools have been made available at acceptable costs to small and medium sized farmers.

We solve small and medium sized farms’ need for low-cost, effective, non-complex AgTech by providing science-proven crop management tools accessible by a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Usable in the field or back in the farm office. Farmers pay us a small annual subscription fee for this benefit. 

Our Vision platform includes a digital spectrometer that immediately plots and displays a spectrograph of crop and soil. It also displays how the crop or soil reflects and absorbs in the optical light spectrum. It calculates and displays surface tone variability as an indication of surface texture. All this data is used to provide clear, enhanced and subsurface images of the crop or soil. Results take less than a minute under most circumstances.

A short video of SpaceVee’s AgriTech solution using Vision