Drones UAVs SDVs

You can find drones in the air, on land, underwater and soon, in Space!

Improved visibility of Mars’ surface and subsurface features using  SpaceVee – (Original image by NASA/JPL).


Improved visibility through icy lake using Spacevee

For professional applications, SpaceVee enables operation in tough visibility conditions. It also gives your drone powerful subsurface vision – see examples below.

Like us, drones, UAVs and SDVs (self-driving vehicles) for military, corporate or personal use all need to see where they’re going. If they can’t see sufficiently in fog, snow, mist, haze, smoke, rain or dazzling lighting, their ability to perform can be severely limited, if not made impossible. It can even result in safety issues.

Improved peripheral and head-on visibility through blinding headlights, rain, night lighting, smoke, fog and more using Spacevee

Improved visibility through dusty desert road surface using Spacevee

SpaceVee improves visibility for drones, UAVs, SDVs, ROVs, satellites, airplanes, road vehicles, submarines and more in low-visibility conditions.

Sometimes, for surveillance, security or public safety reasons, only a passive visualization mechanism such as our ERV (Enhanced Remote Visualization) or thermal imaging can be used. However, thermal imaging does not penetrate sufficiently in water, rainy, snowy or foggy conditions for example. It only images the first non-transparent surface or object between the target area and the camera. Water is non-transparent to infrared (used for thermal imaging), even glass is non-transparent to it so they will block the thermal camera from seeing beyond. Even strong thermal signals as occurs in smoke and snow can drastically reduce the effectiveness of a thermal-imaging device.

Improved marine underwater visibility using Spacevee

Additionally, the thermal imagery produced makes it impractical for seeing for flight purposes. ERV does not have this limitation. In fact, ERV can also be used for seeing through these barriers in previously taken photos and videos. Perfect for a wide range of applications.

Improved visibility in dusty & cloudy water using Spacevee’s ERV